Humans are by nature social animals, but quite often you will hear someone cry out in frustration, “I need my space!”
This usually happens during periods of extreme stress and clearly shows your space can be a sensitive issue not only in affairs of the heart but also at work. Some people do better in the open while others prefer partitioned offices.
Many of us do not realise the influence that your working space, culture and environment has on personal behaviour including dress sense, attitude (positive or negative) and most importantly decision-making.

Working in a dull and less interactive environment gradually tends to negatively impact on you both physically and mentally. You are most likely to make a more rational decision in an airy office rather than one that is dark and stuffy.
We spend an awful lot more time at work than the place we call home. So why not make your office or work station more homily and turn it into a comfortable zen space. Here are a few tips on how to get started;

From cubicles to open floor plans, workplace spaces have evolved over time. An open floor plan allows for a more humane touch, making communication amongst colleagues much easier and less formal.
However you can personalize your work station with photos of family and close friends. Having people you hold dear to your heart looking back at you, is a step in the right direction for maintaining good vibes and motivation. Warm and calm colours on the office walls also play a significant role to bring out the positive energy in people.

Having motivational slogans along the walls offers a constant reminder of who you are as team and what you stand for.
Living plants or having a fresh bouquet of flowers at the front desk every morning is another innovative way to make the workplace brighter and friendlier. Lastly, you can never go wrong with natural elements such as sunlight and fresh air. If possible, every once in awhile, open the blinds and windows to let nature take charge.
With the above in place you will be well on your way towards enjoying your work. Take charge of your workspace today and add masses of efficiency into your output.

About the Author: Elizabeth Kabahenda

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