Communication can mean so many things to many different people, but I like this definition by James Humes, a famous former presidential speech writer and author: ‘The art of communication is the language of leadership.’

Being a leader simply means that in whatever you intend to do, you aspire to excel.

I believe all of us are striving to excel at something. However its hard work and being unable to express yourself to your target audience may often lead to much frustration.

Let’s look at two aspects i believe that may help you understand and appreciate the problem; the WHY communication and HOW communication.

Research done by Leslie Choudhury one of the world’s top 10 communications guru ,shows that no matter what job you have, your success will be determined 5% by academic credentials 15% by your professional experience and 80% by you communication skills.

According to Dan Oswald, in drafting any message, keep in mind three factors which you should not forget because they are ‘HOT’, that is being honest, open and two- way.

Make sure that you have bought into the message you are putting across and made it your own. It must sound convincing to the point of you defending it at any cost or else you will not be able to deliver it to your audience. This goes hand in hand with openness, because you must be comfortable with what you are saying

This brings us to a third and vital consideration, ‘two- way’. The basic understanding of this is the sender, receiver and feedback cycle. However you need to take a keen interest in the way you design your message. If it doesn’t generate feedback from yourself then just know, your audience will be equally bored. So before you pump them with so much information keep as interactive as possible, but this doesn’t necessarily have to be physical. It can also be in the mind.

As we begin to explore the value of communication both to self and later to the public we should remember something else from James Humes: ‘Every time you have to speak, you are auditioning for leadership.’

Think beforehand and choose your words carefully to ensure you don’t just speak,but rather communicate.

About the Author: Birungi Faith

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