Phew! Many of you may sound off after reading the title of this article.
It implies that some of us are let off the hook, because we are always running late!
At one point, I thought that I needed to help a close friend to keep time since she is forever a serial late comer!

I picked a morning so I could give her a ride to where she was going. But still, she took time to get ready and in the process we set off late and of course she arrived long pass her appointed time.
Let us all be reminded that time is the one resource given to all human beings in equal measure. No one can complain about a day that was short of a few minutes or hours; or overworked because the day had an hour extra.
How we use this God-given resource is dependent on personal management. When someone is habitually late for any appointment it indicates several things ranging from poor planning to a suspect mindset.

So if someone said they were late for work because of rain, they are actually saying the rain prevented them from leaving home. But one can also hazard a safe guess and say if the same person were scheduled for an American visa interview, they will most definitely make it! We therefore can’t blame the rain for this person’s late coming after all.
There is a common saying ‘keeping African time’ which literally means accommodation of late-coming. The fact that it is branded ‘African’ it implies a cultural characteristic which is not fair. Does it mean that those people who are not Africans are always punctual?
I think ‘African’ in this case means a type of mindset based on purely personal weaknesses!

It is possible to manage yourself in terms of how you plan your activities for the day, and it is most important to prioritize the thought of keeping time. These two go hand in hand. For once a human being’s mind is set on something there is rarely anything that can stand in their way.
You may ask: what if I prioritize the idea of keeping time and plan well, but have interruptions?
Yes, this happens quite often, however, when your days activities are ranked in categories of priority then you are able to make adjustment without losing time and at the same time accomplish what fits best in the day with no stress.
These categories maybe labeled as ‘very important and very urgent’; ‘very’ important and urgent’; ‘very urgent and important’; and ‘important and urgent’
The old adage ‘time is money’ is so true because money is one thing that human beings need and therefore plan for and prioritize.

Finally, we can’t manage time because we don’t have the ability, but we can manage ourselves to use time well.

About the Author: Primrose Kiberu

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