The word is self-explanatory—‘work as a team’, but if only it was that simple.
Trust me, much of the time it is chaos out there unless every team member puts in their best to achieve the targeted results.
Many have defined teamwork as combining the efforts of people banded together to achieve a common goal or complete a task in the most effective and efficient manner.
To a lay person, it is simply working together to achieve a common goal like a football team determined to win a game.
Working on your own is sometimes unavoidable and convenient for some people, but let us be honest here, the best ideas, products and results frequently arise in a middle of a chat with a colleague or friend.
In the Public Relations world, the saying, ‘two heads are better than one’ applies a great deal.
Ever wondered why a company or department is rarely made up of one person? Why there is need to have brain storming sessions from time to time?
If we could do it all by ourselves then we definitely would not need to hire teams. Furthermore, it has been discovered that people are more productive and efficient in groups. However smaller teams have been proven to be more effective and efficient compared to larger ones.
Forming a team with the right people and allocating responsibilities accordingly can be difficult, but also easily achievable with the right mindset, PR plan and a list of clear objectives. Having the right team leader is also important.
I have learnt over the years that working together always gets things moving faster. Details are not missed and teams are good for creativity besides being flexible enough to keep up with changing demands.
Obviously, working together has its pros and cons, but I would like to believe that the latter outweighs the former.
Choosing to be a part of a team is the best decision anyone can make. Life gets easier because tasks get done and not to mention the satisfaction and fun in between execution and completion as a team.

About the Author: Elizabeth Kabahenda

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