For any company (public or private), Public Relations is an essential service in maintaining a positive image.
Written communication a vital part of the job, thus it’s important to have a well thought out communication strategy in place to mitigate any misinterpretation and allow the company to be well represented by a single viewpoint and maintain a streamlined messaging.

Effectively making sure a company sends out one consistent message and manage any contradiction/s is a fundamental communications skill. With the ‘art of written’ word, one can convey ideas, evoke emotions, leave an impactful influence and compelling impression (top of mind awareness) to the target audience.

More than Just Grammar
Punctuation, grammar and using effective words is the first step in Public Relations writing. If the client or brand needs to build a deep connection with it’s target audience, the tone of voice is key to objectively connect and evoke these emotions.

The biggest challenge of writing in Public Relations is to establish the ‘brand voice.’
Press releases follow a very specific format, but creativity more importantly needs to be brought to the fore.
Almost everything else written by Public Relations professionals is an acquired skill over time, thus experience earned demands understanding different platforms, for example social media to determine the approach to be used when writing on the different platforms to effectively deliver the message.

For instance, if one intends to post a message on Instagram which predominantly uses images and video then the content used should either,to appeal and communicate a clear message. The same rule applies to Twitter or Facebook which each have differing approaches to content formats that work best, therefore Public Relations practitioners should be versatile in delivering any message or information.

Public Relations also involves the art of developing, managing and strengthening relationships between the company and varying audiences environment where the company exists. A lot more needs to be considered when objectively considering the impact of the ‘written communique’ i.e. relevant trends, culture, myths and norms in the society etc.

Lastly having an open communication policy to ensure measurable and desirable outcomes for these deliberate positive outcomes for the company. Thus ensuring

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