Whenever tragedy strikes, especially involving someone close to you, many of us go into deep introspection. It’s a coping mechanism of sorts.
It was in these circumstances that I recently came across this quote: ‘As the earth remains, seed time and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night shall not cease…’(Bible NIV).

During these past few weeks, I have learnt that in life there are things that will always remain constant whatever you do. For instance, a year will always have 365 days unless it is a leap year, or 12 months make up a year and each day has 24 hours.

On other hand, there are also constant changes that take place in the meantime. There is the simple fact that we all age and get older, each day, each month and each year. This raises the query of how well you are using up your time and what are you working towards in terms of achievements?
It is easy to feel like a failure when every year you are older, but when you try to evaluate your achievements they are non-existent. However I feel like this is something you can have power over.

It is comforting to know that even within the constants of life there is always time to plan for the changes that may come ahead of you. I will give an example of a situation where a man I came to know well, gave me an opportunity to work with him.
I always wondered why he had so much structure in the way he did things. Almost every day, when I came to work, he was there long before the rest of his team. He seemed to always have a fourth and fifth back-up plan and a list of solutions for all his clients.

Tragically, he passed away a fortnight ago, but since then I have come to understand certain important things in life. I choose to think that he well understood the changing times in which he existed.

He took time to change, accordingly becoming the person he needed to be (personal evaluation and growth).
He took advantage of the constants in his life (time) to prepare and build a highly respected company.
He communicated his vision to those he believed would understand it and then gave way for them to grow and carry on his legacy.

What am I trying to say is discover the constants in your life, work hard not to let change outpace you, but ensure that you have been able to communicate and translate your vision so that even when you are long gone, your name is written in the stars!

About the Author: Birungi Faith

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