Pearl Dairy Farms Limited, the producers of Lato Milk products have introduced their latest product, Lato Creamer, to its range of offerings in the Ugandan market. In its effort to bring high quality affordable products to its consumers the company has developed this product to cater to all consumers who are looking for a unique, convenient, tasty and quality experience at the most affordable price for a product of this nature.

The Lato creamer is a completely new product that doesn’t exist in the country currently and its recipe has been developed by keeping in mind the tastes and needs of Ugandan consumer. The product is a mix of milk and sugar, is packaged in a 500ml pouch and has a 90- day shelf life. The biggest attraction is that price point of UGX 1000 making it the most affordable high quality in the market today. It is available in most supermarkets and shops in Kampala and the company aims to make it available across all the shops across Uganda within the next 2 months.

Speaking about the new product, Bijoy Varghese, the General Manager of Pearl Dairy, said that as Ugandans are a majority milk tea drinking community, the creamer is an ideal product as it was made with that in mind. “The creamer is a cost-efficient product as it’s a combination of milk and sugar, two of the three ingredients in milk tea. So, our consumers will not go through the hustle of mixing ingredients and they are essentially getting two products for a price of one.”

He added; “Not only is the Lato Milk creamer affordable, it is also a nutritious ready to consume product that we are proud to introduce to the Ugandan market. All the consumer has to do is add tea-leaves and their cup of tea will be ready. I am proud to say that Pearl Dairy is contributing to the fight against malnutrition in Uganda by producing affordable dairy products that are convenient to consume for children and mothers. In addition, the new products mean additional jobs for Ugandans along the supply chain,” he said.

He said the development of new fresh products reaffirms the company’s commitment to meet the changing needs of their customers and continuous efforts to be innovative as the company looks to extend its market base to other countries across Africa.

Varghese said, ‘We have seen and appreciated how much our customers love the products that we have on the market to date. However, we understand that our customers need a variety of products to choose from and that is why we continue to innovate into more high- quality products. The Lato Milk Creamer is a result of one such innovation backed with years of market research aimed at understanding the taste of Uganda consumers”

Lato Milk representative sells a pack of the new Beverage Creamer to a shop keeper in Mbuya Kampala

Pearl Dairy also recently launched its new yoghurts varieties, fruity mixed berries and peach. These are in addition to the six flavours already available to consumers. Last year, the company announced that it had expanded its export market reach to countries such as Ethiopia, South Sudan and Malawi. It is currently one of the biggest dairy exporters in the region and has been at the forefront of implementing the “Buy Uganda Build Uganda” government policy by finding new markets for Ugandan milk across Africa and beyond.

About LATO Milk
Lato Milk is brand of Pearl Dairy Farms Ltd, the company’s manufacturing unit is based in Mbarara District of Uganda in the East Africa region. The intent of the setup was to help the local dairy farmers by generating a constant demand for milk in the region and educate them to adapt to cleaner and more hygienic milk production techniques to contribute towards the growth of dairy industry as a whole. The plant is engaged in processing liquid milk to produce a host of products like Flavoured Yogurt, Fruit Yogurt, Milk powder, UTH Milk, Flavoured Milk, Butter oil, Butter, Ghee and Whole/Skimmed milk powder
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