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A recap of the key points is the need for a shared value responsibility or collaborative partnership in the news-making process between the professional media and the public in light of the emergence of social media as major force.

However, I would like us to dig even deeper into what this all means. What does a collaborative partnership in media mean?
I have noted with great admiration over recent weeks NTV Uganda new fresh morning show hashtag #MorningatNTV with great effort on including the public on all fronts in their morning key topics and conversations for the day.

The Center for Cooperative Media’s collaborators met recently in New Jersey, United States to brainstorm about working together in journalism at the Collaborative Journalism Summit with topics ranging from collaborative journalism to reader revenue.
One of the key discussions was on the ‘Collaboration in Media.’ The screenshot below summarizes some of pertinent questions.

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To answer the question I had paused earlier on, it is evident going by the case of NTV Uganda’s Morning Show, that the attitudes about media and newsroom collaboration are improving. There is a wider range of views and insights fleshed out on a variety of topics by the public and newsroom anchors which livens up the programme. Therein lies the ‘value’ of collaborative partnerships in the media industry.

It is notable that social media trending topics also play a key role in driving the conversations of the day. Real time reactions and feedback build onto the narratives and have a positive influence on the newsroom agenda.

To conclude, I shall share a few of the benefits and value prepositions of this collaborative approach beginning with greater trust and stronger relationships built between the consumer and content developer. It creates a bridge to address the former mental barrier that prevented the public enjoy an instant platform to address their grievances.
The impact of this trend is very telling, because the public and newsrooms have now become more inclusive.

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