One day, my workmate, who sits across from me, suggested we needed a little more ‘life’ on our desks, so he bought a cute little spiky plant. Samuel, (not his real name) then found an equally little beautiful Victorian cart to hold it. You should know that our desks are Cul !!

Undoubtedly, the plant is lovely to look at, however, every time I touch it the spikes poke me hard. This brings to mind the beautiful people who enter our lives , add value to us in so many ways, but have characteristics that ‘poke’ us like the spiky plant! They can be uncomfortable people to keep around, and the natural inclination is to give them a wide berth or ignore them.

On the other hand, we cross paths with such people, often for reasons that are supposed to bring out the best in us. Think about it, the best and most appreciated results for anything that you have achieved in life especially in terms of Character building, is because you stood up to a challenge, a risk, a pain, a discomfort and made it!!!

These ‘spiky friends’ are a challenge which helps us to see life in a different light. They help us to intentionally take the high road of not necessarily falling prey to negative energy which yields emotions like uncontrolled anger, hatred, vengeance and so on, but build our Character muscles!!! Who is that spiky team-mate; bank teller; Uber driver; supervisor; hairdresser, the list is endless on your particular path? Just keep in mind, they are meant to bring out the best in you…. Character! This little spiky plant on my desk is a constant reminder!

About the Author: Primrose Kiberu

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