In my previous article ‘Fear of exceeding expectations’, I promised to share about the benefits of exceeding expectations.
I know for sure that these benefits will encourage anyone else who may have had this fear and hopefully inspire others more out there to exceed expectations.When someone exceeds expectations they set a standard for themselves which is recognized and respected by their peers.

It is different when one meets expectations, because it is ordinary and fits in with the rest of the crowd. But setting oneself apart gives you the freedom to keep a step ahead of others. Exceeding expectations gives you an extra perspective of people’s perceived needs. These are not always tangible or visible and yet very important all the same.

Occasionally I have had clients who emphasize the need for a successful execution of a product launch which will not only earn them a profit, but also position them as the leader against their competition. Right there and then, I know they need assurances that we will get them the expected results.

You become a favourite fixture in people’s minds when you exceed expectations. One day, I walked into an Airtel Uganda store to buy a sim card, but I wanted a particular number which couldn’t be configured due to network failure. So, I settled for what there was and bought it.

The next day the young man who sold me the simcard called to say he had been able to get me my desired number since the network came back on. I can’t forget him…he is my reference point in Airtel.

Exceeding expectations encourages you to avoid giving excuses. You can never tell a client why you can never do something. You are held accountable to do everything possible to deliver. There is joy in exceeding expectations and its where lasting impact can be found.

About the Author: Primrose Kiberu

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